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Good day readers and fans especially to bloggers and if you want or wish to be a blogger, then this post is for you. Well as we all know www.techsvibe.com is online portal with many potential mission even to the wants we have not yet review. So here we the team of Omon Danny of techsvibe.com have concluded to train and help upcoming bloggers in a way to make all steps easy and profitable. And it all started by give out the template that are:


  • SEO friendly


  • mobile view friendly


  • desktop view


  • Adsense ad ready


  • Wow these template increase your cpc and cpm of Google adsense and other ads network


  • It a giveaway

Do you see that we bothered listing much of the features or what these our giveaway premium template can do? Well NO I don’t think so because these templates are awesome template recommended for all bloggers that really wish to change from the default blogger template.

How to get and download 2016 premium blogspot template with mobile view or version and that can increase the traffic and seo of my blog

That was a big question that cover we have got the real answer here.

The blogger template are;


  • template of this blog www.techsvibe.com (not the premium)
  • blogger template for latest entertainment news, latest videos and music updates www.stackvibe.xyz
  • blogger template of www.naijella.com
  • blogspot template of www.primebaze.net
  • In addition, we have experts that can help you to design any web design  to work on blogspot blog along with all the website feature or some of it features.

the features of these templates a boom yeah visit of the above blog to confirm it your self.

How to get yours for your blog
You are required to pay a fixed amount of N4,000 now it N2,000 for giveaway purpose well it an offer from us due to the request we received from many customers, so pay and get yours now.

how to pay and who to pay to?
To pay and get yours kindly contact us now via ;
email: info@techsvibe.com
whatsapp: +2347033315476

Is these real?
Sure it the official owner of this properties that are rendering it out for the public as giveaway. So it real and fast as jet to deliver to you.

Well It should be free how wish it was to be free. Thanks,


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