WhatsApp Wants To Release Another Feature Called ‘Call Back’

Guess you’ve been loving the recent WhatsApp updates such as the file sharing option and the end-to-end encryption across messages.

More updates are yet to come as we just got news that the Facebook owned app, WhatsApp will be releasing a brand new feature for both Android and iOS users.

The soon to come feature is referred to as ‘call back’ and it will allow users to call their friends back, without opening the app. All they have to do is tap a button on the notification panel.

The ‘call back‘ feature will is to appear along side the ‘missed call notification‘ on the notification panel.

The release date for this feature has not been made known but rumor say it should come in a few week time.
There is a report that WhatsApp will also add a feature where users could share zip files, in order words making exchange of large files possible via WhatsApp. Claims are that the feature is still undergoing test and is only available for beta users.

For the record, WhatsApp has added a couple of new features which include the quick replies to message on the  the notification panel, the bold and italics text format.

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