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Social Messaging App Vodi Now Accepts Bitcoin Payment

Despite various Telegram bots allowing for Bitcoin payments and wallet service already, this business model hasn’t been embraced by more popular messaging platforms just yet.
Messaging tools are an interesting area to explore as far as Bitcoin payments are concerned, given the global appeal and reach by both forms of technology. BitPay and Vodi have been thinking along those same lines, and their partnership brings cryptocurrency to messaging tools.
BitPay and Vodi Want You to Use Bitcoin
Slowly but surely, instant and social messaging applications are taking the world by storm, as we live in a society that has a growing need to be connected to the world at any given time. Despite various Telegram botsallowing for Bitcoin payments and wallet service already, this business model hasn’t been embraced by more popular messaging platforms just yet.
That situation will come to change if BitPayand Vodi have a say in the matter that is. Their new partnership will merge instant messaging and Bitcoin payments all over the world, and they are bringing real-life use cases for cryptocurrency to the table as well. After all, no one will care about Bitcoin if they can’t use it to pay for goods and services.
Among the services offered are topping upmobile phone credit and buying gift cards with Bitcoin through instant messaging. This seems to be a perfect combination, as most people use instant messaging applications on their mobile device. With over 90 companies having gift card solutions in place already, and 390 mobile services providers being part of the initiative, this partnership is off to a good start.
One drawback is how users will need to install the Vodi app – available on both iOS andAndroid -, which is yet another social messaging platform trying to make a name for itself. Consumers are getting flooded with these types of applications, as there is Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, and many others to compete with.
At the same time, Vodi has a particular appeal that other messaging applications do not. With the exception of Line, hardly any other platform lets users spend money on goods and services through the app itself. Integrating Bitcoin into this offering will attract a bigger customer base from all over the world. Also, this news helps legitimise Bitcoin as a currency, rather than a commodity or investment vehicle.
Source: Payment Week
Header image courtesy of NewfsBTC

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