Latest Mtn Cheat for Unlimited Browsing and Downloads

Good day  viewer, Mtn is here with it offer of unlimited download and browsing at a very cheap and affordable price.
 Hope we will all like it as it’s low in price and unlimited as well !!!

The problem is that it selects sim card so please if you are not lucky this time don’t worry always visit us here @ to have more offer and bonus of 2016.

1. Check if your sim is eligible by dialing*567*58# or *567*59# try subscribing, if you are told you have insufficient balance your sim is eligible but if not you would be told your sim isn’t eligible

how to subscribe/activate

2. Subscription code *567*58# cost N100 or *567*59# cost N150 both are unlimited,
when you subscribe for that of N100 you would be notify that you subscribed to the 100mb unlimited plan, that of N500 you would be notify that you have subscribe for 500mb data bundle, don’t worry it is not limited, subscribe and download as much as you
want tested and confirmed by me.

3. This is far better than Mtn BBLITE
because this one requires no application, you just subscribe, insert your sim on any device and use, you can share your data connection via Wifi.



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