How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate MTN play Learn English sms

The most annoying thing about this unwanted text messages is that we receive the sms which are not useful to us ( specific)  yet we are charge for it either monthly, weekly or daily.
Now it must stop! how can We pay for what is not useful to us and yet we continue without stopping the Spam messages.

 Well from this post it will be all solved. and I also welcome any suggestion on other service plans which you may be facing and want to get it stopped… Talk to me using the comment box and I will reply on how you can stop/deactivate it..

 To unsubscribe/opt out for mtn play learn English

Send ULEN to 700.
Please if there is any services you like to stop drop it as comment.


  1. Great.

    See an another way you can stop all these services for MTN Network.

    Simply dial *123# and select My Services, from the list of options that come up select My content Services and there you would see a list of all the services you have subscribe for or the ones they automatically subscribed you to. So you deactivate the ones you wish to stop and you are done.

    For Airtel Users, dial *902# and click stop from the list of options given to you, you would see all the services you've subscribed to, deactivate anyone you wish to stop. Hope this helps.

    You can always link to me on


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