Google Play Store Now Notify You If An App Contains Ads Or Not before downloading


In-app ads can really be annoying. At times you’ll get to click them without knowing. Sometimes, all you want to do is move to the next level of a game. But you can’t, because of advertisements everywhere. That’s so annoying.

Thanks to Google, you can now know if an app you are about to install has ads in it or not. So you can only blame yourself when you install an app and find ads in it.

The great search engine, Google has made a change on its Google play store. The change was spotted this week in a forum of Android users on Reddit. 

The change is to help user of Google Play Store identify apps that display advertisements on an Android phone or tablet.
Due to this change, the Google Play App on android phones will have a label which will show ‘contains ads’ just below the green install button of an app that supports ads.

The ‘contain ads’ label will be right next to a separate label that tells users if an app in-app purchase or not.
One way or the other, this update might affect Google because Google makes a lot of money from ads, and some of these ads are found in apps.

One of Google’s spokesman explained that Google’s move to introduce this change to Google play app store is simply to help users make an informed decision through their transparency and notify users about apps that contain ads.


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