Best Steps To Tweak Imei for good result with Analyzer (with Pictures)


After updating the guide on how to get some free browsing for any network, I still get complains of not knowing how to tweak Imei with imei Analyzer. This post is meant for all whether newbie or old users as it can go along way in helping you on being a successful tweaker at the end of the day.

What is Imei Analyzer?

Imei Analyzer is an app that makes it so easy for you to arrange an imei or serial number of your phone for any legal purposes of use. It gives you the authentic and correct digit when you talk of getting the last digit of any imei.

To check or confirm the imei of your Android phone dial *#06#.

How to easily tweak or change the imei of any android device

Now whenever you are given an imei to tweak, what to consider from the imei given is;
goto the last two or three or four or even five digits of the serial number given and don’t exceed the last five, remember full imei is always 15 digits and the last digit will not be choosing by you rather the imei analyzer will do that for you so take note. When you get to the imei you want to tweak copy it and follow below steps:

Step 1. Open your imei Analyzer app (You can search Google for the keyword download imei Analyzer to download )

Step 2. Paste the imei number you copied where you see space for typing numbers!

Step 3. Assuming the imei you copied is 11 digits depending on how many lines of digit you are ask to tweak when getting the free browsing from any guide. Now you will have to add any three numbers of your choice to the present 11 digits existing already and the total number will now become 14 digits remaining only a number for it to complete to 15 digits. For you to complete it with the last authentic digit click on Analyze BUTTON. See screenshot below:

Behold the last digit is generated which you can find here, see the screenshot below:

Then copy the last digit generated and paste it to the end of the 14 digits and as well click the ANALYZE again. see screenshot below

That’s all for imei Analyzer After analyzing the imei for the first stage, Now proceed to Mobile Uncle or Mobile Engineering mode MTK to put the imei number on our phone.

Hope you understand the Technology Teacher @ If you have any question please drop your comment below….




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