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2016 MTN cheap data bundle subscription code. and Price for all devices

Wow happy May, June, July, August, September, October November, December 2016… Hmmm this year is really going fast well all thanks to God almighty for his care and wonderful doing….

Yes now the hood news is that our strict MTN network that never like to consider its consumers has started doing so!!! Yes they have by giving this cheap data subscription bundle which works on laptops, pc, android, and much more…

How to subscribe to latest MTN Cheap data bundle and it price

Plan     Price Validity (SMS to131) USSD
30MB   100      24HRS   104    *131*104#
100MB 200      24HRS   113    *131*113#
750MB 500      7Days    103    *131*103#
1.5GB   1000    30Days  106    *131*106#
3.5GB   2000    30 Days 110    *131*110#
10GB   5,000    30 Days 116    *131*116#
22GB   10,000  30 Days 117    *131*117#
50GB   20,000  90 Days 118    *131*118#
85GB   50,000  90 Days 133    *131*133#

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