Netloop VPN Settings For Mtn 2go 3gb Data bundle tweak


Greetings to all our fans and readers of this blog,

We posted Latest Mtn 2go Mb Tweak Working 3gb data bundle and most of our readers and fans got theirs but was unable to use it because it was not working on all their Android phone apps!

Today we are going to direct you step by step on how to use the latest Mtn 2go 3gb Data bundle so read carefully;

Netloop Settings for Mtn 2go 3gb Data bundle

As we are known this settings work perfectly on latest Netloop VPN which you can download direct from Google Playstore, so you are advised to delete your outdated Netloop or Simple Server and download the latest Netloop VPN


Tweak type: choose injection

Injection method: get

Injection query/url:

Injection Host:

Injection line, just leave it as it is or press the space button 4 times

Now Go back to choose queries



Enable global proxy(for Rooted phones)

Concurrent connections: 1012.

Log level: Debug

YES that the working settings for latest mtn 2go 3gb Data bundle tweaking in order to power all your Android phone apps and make them work fine!

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