Affordable/Cheapest iPhone a student or Youth can buy


Apple has just unveiled a new 4-inch mini but mighty smartphone called the iPhone SE and at £359 this is the cheapest iPhone at launch, about NGN100,000. They went big with its previous 6s and 6s Plus smartphones, now the firm is taking things down in size and price.

The new smartphone looks almost identical to the 2013 iPhone 5s but there’s plenty of tasty upgrades packed inside it. In fact the iPhone SE is running on the same power as the iPhone 6s.

The A9 chip that runs this mini smartphone is over twice as fast as the iPhone 5s and because its more efficient it also saves battery life. Apple Pay.

The iPhone SE will be available in space grey, silver, gold and rose gold metallic finishes in 16GB and 64GB models. And everyone who wants a smaller phone is going to love iPhone SE.

Also onboard: Live Photos, which turns photos into a 3-second clip, and always listening Siri, so Apple’s virtual assistant is always ready to serve you when you say “Hey, Siri!” And Apple Pay comes aboard, too.

What it doesn’t have is 3D Touch, Apple’s pressure-sensitive screen navigation that opens submenus when you press and hold the screen. (Which is, we bet, a feature you might be fine missing out on.)

CONCLUSION: please note that it is always rear to buy an iPhone smartphone here in Nigeria at a rate cheaper than N100,000 , so please don’t fall for scammers and spammers

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