WARNING: Fake Infinix hot 2 Phone dected in Nigeria [Read This]

It is quite interesting to know that these companies ripping people off their hard earned money by producing cloned devices also considered as fake, have gone the infinix route.

Infinix Mobile, via a staff, has disclosed that a fake version of the infinix hot 2 is in the Nigeria market and shoppers should beware of these kinda devices. The brand also went further by sharing some images which should aid shoppers in differentiating between the fake and original device.

Please study the images below carefully and also share with people you think might be interested.

Apparently, the packaging and branding of
both devices are different. However, most
naive shoppers could mistake that of infinix
mobile for the other. With the aid of this post,
this should guide you towards getting theoriginal infinix hot 2 smartphone and not the cloned version.



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