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Step by Step to make your laptop/pc battery life span to LAST we all know that unlike your smartphones and tablets your Laptop PC battery is not meant to last forever but better still as it may be you can still boost the performance of your battery life by applying this simple and common procedures.
Not only Laptops now, in general, terms we all know if there is any factor consuming 80% of  our device power be it smartphones tablets or laptops it’s the screen brightness adjusting the screen brightness of our smartphones or tablets can be somewhat easy but might be complex and somehow complicated but on most PC you will always see a function (Fn) button and the brightness buttons on your laptop keyboard what you need to do is just to hold the Fn button then continue to tap the brightness button(the brightness button is always two with one indicating lower brightness and high brightness).
Another way of prolonging the lifespan of your PC battery is disabling all peripherals when not in use peripherals like the Bluetooth and your Wifi.
After all, what’s the point of switching this peripheral on when they are not in use you can turn the wifi off simply switching on the airplane mode or you can navigate to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center->Change Adapter Settings->Wifi(Right Click on Wifi and disable)


You also follow the same process for disabling bluetooth but you right click on bluetooth at the last part.

This sounds a little bit technical isn’t it and you might also be wondering what business does a ram memory have to do with battery well if you are hearing this for the first time you better believe it, here is an explanation while you have a low ram memory on your Laptop PC, windows will start making use of Virtual Memory which basically uses your Hard Drive as RAM When this happens, your HDD is constantly spinning, thus draining a lot of battery. Are you satisfied now if you are having a low RAM on your Laptop PC it’s high time you move on to a higher RAM memory.
Sometimes when working with your windows PC gets a liittle bit dicey one major thing to do before seeking any other help is making use of the windows troubleshooter and this powerful windows tool can also prove to be handy when trying to prolong the life span of your PC battery.
To use the troubleshooter simply go to Control Panel->System and Security->Troubleshoot Common Computer Problems->Improve Power Usage

You can as well modify or in other words tweak your power plan in such a way that best suits and favors your battery, you can do this by navigating to Control  Panel->Hardware and Sound->Power Options(You can modify either Balanced and Power saver to favor of your PC battery)
Screenshot (25)

Screenshot (26)Screenshot (24)

Screenshot (27)

You can always visit again to view even more advance option on how to prolong the lifespan of your PC battery.
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