How to make your phone camera flash light when receiving calls, messages, or notifications

Android: how to make your phone's camera LED flash when receiving calls, messages, or notifications

We doubt there’s a phone user who has never missed a call or text message in their life. Sometimes you just can’t pick up the phone – when driving, when showering, or when your hands are occupied, to give a few examples. Then there are those times when you simply don’t notice your ringing phone – it beeps, blinks, and vibrates vigorously, yet still can’t draw your attention. While there’s little that can be done in the former case, this nifty trick can help you avoid the latter situation. It is possible to make the LED light on your Android phone’s camera blink when there’s an incoming call, which should minimize the chance of you missing it. Read on to learn how.

Method 1:How to Check and set your phone’s notification LED light

To enable the feature, you should first check if it isn’t already built into your Android phone’s software. For Samsung owners, it should be under Settings > My Device > Accessibility > Flash Notification. On recent LG phones it may be found under Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Flash Alerts. Regardless of your phone’s make and model, the accessibility settings menu is where you should look first. If the option is not available there, you can make its camera LED flash when calls are incoming using an app made for the purpose.


Method 2: Download Call Flash LED light apk for Android
Enter Call Flash. It forces your Android phone’s powerful LED to blink when a call is incoming, when you get a new message, or when a notification pops up. What’s more, the app is free, comes with a bunch of extra features, and won’t annoy you with ads (although you should buy its developer a beer if you enjoy using his software). 

So here is how to configure Call Flash. After downloading it from the Play Store by CLICKING HERE, you must launch the app and go through the “First Time Settings” menu. The reason for this is to let the app figure out how to access your camera’s LED. Don’t worry, the process is painless and has to be performed only once. Now tap on “Test Flash” and see if it lights up. If it does, then move on to the next step. If it doesn’t, choose an alternative method from the drop-down menu and try again until the LED blinks.

Once past the initial configuration screen, you may enable Call Flash alerts and fine-tune the app’s behavior. Using the slide buttons, enable alerts for calls and/or text messages and notifications. The sliders are used to tweak the LED light’s blinking pattern – set a short ON duration and a long OFF duration for a very subtle, unobtrusive notification, or vice versa if you wish the LED to practically stay on until the phone is picked up. 

If you have the Notification/SMS alerts enabled, you should also select the apps which are allowed to bother you with LED notifications. Open “Notification Flash Preferences” by tapping on the cogwheel button and choose “Flash on Other Notifications”. This will take you to the Android settings menu where you’ll have to grant Call Flash access to your phone’s notifications. Once you do that, tap “Back” a couple of times to go back to the Call Flash settings screen. The “Application list” option should now be enabled – open it and mark the apps for which you want the LED to go off. 

Optionally, you may configure Call Flash’s so-called Sleeping Period from the Preferences menu. Basically, that’s the time of the day when the app is off, and we suppose you don’t want it active during sleeping hours. And from the “Operation mode” screen, you may set the app to be active only when a certain sound profile is active – Normal, Vibrate, or Silent.

And that’s about it! Now that you have Call Flash enabled and configured, you’ll have a much lower chance of missing important calls and messages. Just be aware that your camera’s LED is a bright one. You probably don’t want Call Flash active at night, in venues like bars and restaurants, or in any place where others might be distracted by it.

This method works on all android e.g TECNO, GIONEE, Samsung (most of samsung android has this feature it advisable to use METHOD 1) .

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