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Getting started with something is always interesting and exciting. Needless to say it is real fun to discover new shopping spots. Though classifieds can’t be considered a web store in its classical meaning, there are a lot of interesting things available for sale there. But let’s take a minute and recollect what classifieds is.

A while ago, classifieds could be found mostly in newspapers, some of which were devoted only to ads. There you could find absolutely everything. The only disadvantage was that adverts were short and provided a little information, for a person had to pay for every line. But later classified changed their domain and started discovering a new area – the Internet, like all printed media did. Descriptions became longer and detailed, it became a rule to include some photos, and now you can post your advert for free. You can do it easily without paying for lines or a market stall.

In fact, classifieds resemble an ordinary market a little, but again with certain peculiarities created by the Internet demands. Like at the marketplace, buyers and sellers communicate directly with each other. A lot of prices are negotiable and you can bargain. A great Jiji’s advantage is the absence of any shopping assistants or mediators. As a result, prices here are the lowest available. website is No.1 classifieds in Nigeria. Due to the rich selection and affordable prices, there are a lot of people who want to get started with classifieds in general and especially with Jiji. The number of monthly visitors equals to 10 million people. The number of active adverts amounts to 520,000 or even more. Every minute equals to 5 new offers. Despite such impressive selection, it is not difficult to quickly find what you need.

Jiji is a perfect place for those who want to get started with classifieds. It is a good place for those who want to use classifieds from now on.


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