Galaxy S7: Reveal, Details, Pairs and functions

A good smartphone is more than the sum of its parts, but it’s always satisfying to watch, iFixit tear one down to see what all those parts are. This week, they tackled the Galaxy S7.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the S7 proved slightly difficult to open up , given its IP rating for dust and water protection. The glass front and back combined with lots of adhesive doesn’t help, and will likely end in broken glass.

away and the plastic cover unscrewed, the S7’s antennae, wireless charging coil, and speakers are all easily accessible. The battery is next, and it’s predictably, adhered in place.

Once the battery’s out, it’s on to the S7’s new camera. It might sounds like a downgrade to the uneducated, but the 12MP rear shooter is actually a big improvement over the 16MP one on the S6. That’s because the pixels themselves are 25% larger, which means less noise and better low-light performance.

And what’s that flat, wormlike strand of copper they uncovered? It’s Samsung “revolutionary” cooling system for the S7. No, it’s not really revolutionary, it’s just a heatpipe — albeit one that’s been shrunken down enough that it could be crammed into a phone That’s just under 8mm thick and still be effective.

Ultimately, iFixit’s verdict is that the Galaxy S7 continues Samsung’s trend in recent years of building phones that are difficult to repair — the S7 scored a dismal 3 out of 10. If you’ve seen some of the torture test videos that are out there, you know that there’s some good news, too. Not only is the S7 dust proof and waterproof, it can take quite a bit of abuse without missing a beat.

While it’s trickier to repair, then, there’s a decent chance that you may never need a repair until the battery starts to wear down. If you’d still prefer to purchase a new flagship that at least has a removable battery, then you might want opt for the modular LG G5 instead.


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