Five (5) advantages of Tablet devices over Laptops/pc

126 are contemplating between a Laptop and a Tablet ?
Good day fans and readers of this blog (, well really think it high time we stop looking down on tablets and other smart phone devices when it comes to pc/laptop comparison…
Below are the Compendious analyzation of why Tablets may be better than Laptops
When it comes to the aspect of how interactive and responsive this two competing can be, it is a known fact that Tablets are more tactile and responsive than laptops although you might want to disagree with me because we now have Laptop PCs with touchscreen but I bet you not as responsive as Tablets, Navigations such as scrolling, swiping and selecting are more friendly and fun with Tablets.
This is a hand down beating and also an undisputable fact, everybody is tired of carrying a laptop everywhere they go you can’t browse on the go with your laptop there are so many things you can’t do while you are on the go with your laptop such as chatting with your friends on social media platforms, making video call on the go and so much more.
One last thing on Portability some profession requires the internet for proper coordination and functioning using myself as an example you don’t expect me to carry my PC with me while I’m in a taxi and I still need to be online to create content, A tab is the perfect way to go no matter how lightweight it can be it would still remain uncomfortable.
The Tablets are more handy in so many ways compared to Laptop PC let’s take a look at how numerous the tablet’s app can be there are absolutely a wide range of Apps that can be downloaded on the tablets and also it’s simplicity you don’t need a serial key to register an app on a tablet platform, and most of the Tablet apps do come in handy so many times.
Another Factor is the Tablet connectivity with other devices when talking about the connectivity, I’m talking about the Bluetooth of this device. if you need a file be it music, videos, ebooks whatever it is you want to transfer it is hassle free on the Tablets but when it comes to the Laptop most users have always complained of how unending and boring this can be on a laptop.
With improved technology in the Laptop PC technology all thanks to Intel skylake new processor that promise a less consumption on the battery thereby improving and elongating the life span of the battery but notwithstanding most Tablets have a powerful battery backup compared to their Laptop counterparts admit it on a full charge of laptop PC most PC can’t last for a whole day while tablets, on the other hand, can last for at least two days.


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