News: Mtn bblited, bb10 plan not working as before


Good day Fans and readers of this blog ( we created this post in order to share our ideas about the latest Mtn BlackBerry bblited and bb10 which has stop being unlimited or rather which has stop working as before.

We notice that MTN bb10 plan stopped working when you use up to 10mb or 15mb, it’s mean that the hiding 5gb to we use with our VPN or Simple Server (Netloop) is no longer there.

We are Nigerians and free browsing is our right since our Network service providers can not bring back unlimited browsing subscription to our country.

This is really a bad news. Well I don’t think it was bad using our brain to make some cheap data subscription and unlimited cheats since our network providers never think or consider improving the development e.g unlimited browsing for all devices should be available at a Cheap price for youths especially we the students in the country.

ln other countries there is unlimited data subscription bundle at a very low price but NEVER in Nigeria.

Well we are not really protesting but we the youth aren’t happy towards this Blocking of our free browsing cheats since we are not having cheap unlimited data subscription in all network.

Well we will always keep you updated here on

Please drop your comments and tell us what you have on your mind and what feels… ..



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