MTN BIS Settings For Netify VPN On Android phone

I will tell you how to successfully use Netify Vpn to power both Mtn Musicplus and Mtn Bblite. Mtn Musicplus seems to be renewing for some people while others it renews once or twice a week. With the settings below, you can successfully use Netify Vpn to power your Mtn Musicplus and Bblite FEATURES OF NETIFY VPN< ==It is completely redesigned with new graphics ==There is no connection key this time on the notifications bar == There is no place to add or remove region or countries. (Yet working) == the default handler settings is there but with new user interface <==New icon added 

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WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD NETIFY? Download Netify VPN apk HERE….. Netify Vpn Settings For Mtn Bblite 

1. Download Netify Vpn from the link above and Install it

 2. Netify Vpn Settings Tick Remove Port Proxy Type: Use Dual Real Host orReal Host Both of the works. For mtn Bblited, Use… or or 
3. In the More Handler Settings Tick Connect Through a https proxy Tick Use the Following SettingsHost Address: Port: 8080 
,,image is here
Click back to Save, On your data and Enjoy the speed. 

NOTE: If the speed becomes slow, off your data and on it again or u activate and deactivate flight mode,…. If you have any problem, ask in the comment box.


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