How to use Mtn 0.0k Free browsing tweak on iOS phones


How to rock Mtn 0.0k Free browsing tweak on Iphone and Ipad

because you are
using an iOS device or you have someone using it
or you may be into business of tweaking phone for
others and collect money from them as compensation
for your work.

This tweak is among the easiest and sweetest unlimited free browsing we have come across this year though it started last year but many people thought It wasn’t serious so only few read my post
on it and used it. 

Android phone users are the most favorites when it
comes to gaining access to free browsing as there
are numerous cheats available for them to select and
make use of. The Mtn 0.00k free browsing was
discovered and first tested on an Android device and
then PC. 

Today am bringing the flavours of MTN 0.00
unlimited free browsing to iOS devices (iPhone and
iPads) with openvpn connect config files targeted at
this particular tweak you guys.

How to rock Mtn 0.0k Free browsing tweak on Iphones and Ipad

==> download Open Vpn App on your phone CLICK HERE

==> Download the Configuration files below


(make use of any of the two config files you downloaded as one of them might not work very well for some devices), and import them to the OpenVPN app.

==> Finally, launch the OpenVPN app from your
iPad or iPhone and connect.

Enjoy MTN free browsing on your iOS while it last.

Are you still confused or having problems with
setting it up? Use the comment box for your
question and recommendations.
Happy Browsing!!!


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