How To Make My Pc Perform More Faster Than Before


If you have a Computer, Laptop (PC) which you have been using for a long time now and you noticed that it performs slower than the older times which you bought it, that’s not a big problem to panic about. I even hava a friend who wanted to dispose-of his laptop 3months after he bought it because the laptop was operating too slow and is wasting much of his time.

Slower Pc pose many problems to its user, for instance, a work suppose to be fully done within 30mins can take you 1hr if your PC operates in a slow manner. Below, i will be analysing 4 ways in which you can make your Pc perform faster.

How Can I Make My Laptop And Computer Operate Much Faster
1. Make Some Storage Space Always Avaliable
Using all the storage space on your Computer or Laptop can also contribute to making them operate slower as there are some operations and even applications which requires some amount of space while they are running. Leaving up to 20% storage space always availabe in your hard drive is adviceable.

To know your storage space usage, goto “Libraries” and on the leftside locate and double-click on “Computer

there you will see “Local Disk” ,right click on it and select “Properties” to view available storage space.

Disable Unuseful Startup Programs

What i mean by startup programs are those programs that start automatically i.e immediately when you switch on your Pc. So what is the use of programs which are useless to you? They just consume your RAM and might make other programs sluggish. Its adviceable to disable them to make your Pc a bit faster.

3. Use Powerful Antivirus
Sometimes, your Pc performing slower might be as a result of virus being on your Pc and your Antivirus is unable to get rid of it easily. There are many kinds of antivirus out there, but its adviceable to search for those which are powerful enough to combat any kind of virus.

4. You Have Too Much Programs Running At A Time

Running too much programs at a time can also make your Computer or Laptop perform slower. It will be adviceable if you run the programs little by little.


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