Latest Etisalat free 1.8GB IMEI Code


Wow January 2016 is really cool. I’m pretty sure that you guys are still flexing with Etisalat Magic IP’s and Chatpak/Social me, but you might want to try this very small megabytes to back up in case of future phenomenon. I called it small Megabytes, yes is very small, don’t me about the topic, but you will soon understand me, just continue your reading…

This is an old tweak, but still active. It involved Imei Tweaking and when you succeed, you will be given 150mb every month over a period of 12 months with no data purchase and the accumulated gives will be 1.8GB of data valid for a year.

Now, you can tweak your Android Device IMEI for 150MB with etisalat Sim using IMEI below.

The IMEI: 86119500431* * * *

Analyzed the remaining four (4) digit number and after succeeded in Imei tweaking Text T635 to 8186.

Once you succeeded, you will be given Etisalat 150MB automatically every Month for 12months


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