Latest 2016 MTN Fb0 Free Data Is Back: How To Use With Operamini


How To Get Mtn Fb0 Data And Browse On Operamini,

MTN Fb0 free Data is back and better.
This Data will enable you to Browse Facebook free.
But do you know you can use this to browse with your Operamini for free?
Let me explain this Facebook Fb0 of a thing better. Mtn gives you 5mb free for 7days to browse on facebook, and do you also know you can get up to 500mb instead of 5mb?
I will explain to you step by step.

How To Get MTN FB0 5MB Free Data

To get The MTN Fb0 Free Data, its easy, just send “Fb0” to 131.
NOTE:It is numeric (0), not alphabet (O).
Within 5seconds, you will receive a message that “you have been given 5mb to browse facebook for 7days”
To check your Data, dial *559*25#.

How To Get 500MB MTN FB0 Data Instead Of 5MB

After sending Fb0 to 131, and been given the 5mb, send “stopfb0” to 131 to option out.
Now, resend Fb0 again, and 5mb will be added to your previous data, making 10mb.
Repeat this process to accumulate the data to any amount of your choice.

How To Use MTN FB0 To Browse On Operamini

After getting the Data, you need to have Operamini Handler.
Open your Operamini handler and in the Host, input “” and save.
Then browse any website in your Operamini. If it shows error, press “#” and “8” and check the connection type from “https” to “HOST”.


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