How to Automatically Accumulate MTN Fb0 Unlimited Data bundle (MB)


How You can accumulate latest Mtn fb0 unlimited without stress using sms bomber and elite bomber

  • Download Sms bomber HERE
  • Download Elite bomb HERE
  • open your sms bomber set the field as below…
    number: 131,
    sms: fb0,
    number of text: 10000000,
    delay: 15sec

    Don’t send yet! Just minimize the sms bomber

    Now open your elite bomb.

    set d field as…
    sms: stopfb0
    number of text: unlimited
    delay: 10sec

    don’t send yet

    Now go back to sms bomber and make sure everything is correct as given above!

    Now if you have confirmed that they are in order. Send the msg and quickly goto your elite bomb and send msg also.

    NOTE: if you send the msg on your elite bomb it will ask you to remove sms limit or so. Press yes or confirm.! And your device will restart.

    Stay updated for more if u have any questions please drop it in the comment box.


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