Wireless Heated Mug Reviewed (with pictures)

During your office work, casual work or in the morning, you may need a cup of coffee or more. During this time you may be too busy and your coffee cools in a standard mug. You may therefore end up pouring this coffee and take your time getting more. Eventually you may end up brewing about 10 cups of coffee which get into waste.

To solve this problem, innovators have come up with a rechargeable wireless Heated mug which keeps your coffee or other drinks at a drinkable temperature for about 45 minutes and even keeps itself charged to allow more than seven refills.

The wireless heated mug uses a rechargeable battery, a special NANO tech heater and a heat sleeve inside lining to maintain your beverage temperature at 145-155 degrees Fahrenheit. You can simply recharge your mug battery by plugging it on your car or laptop. Below are other wireless heated mug features that may interest you.

Other Features
-Interior dimensions of 85mm
-Has external height of 130mm with a rounded
-Has a 1.5 mm insulation air gap
-A cup weight of 400g
-Double lining of both 1.5mm inner and outer
-Plastic of food grade PC
-A metal lining which is food grade pure
stainless steel
-Insulating lid with a sipping port
-ON and OFF switch
-30 minute timer to turn the NANO heater OFF
and save battery
-LED flash to indicate when the battery is below
25% full.


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