Download Latest working Psipon101 handler (No More Disconnecting Issues)


New Psiphon101 handler called Syponshield101 and is modified by a team calledZyBerph.This New psiphon connect very fast with MTN Music plus and Etisalat Magic IP and once it connected you are done, no any issue of disconnecting now. Am currently using Syponshield now with my Magic IP and is blazing.

How it works

Syponshield 101 is an upgrade version of Psiphon 100, before installing it make sure you have Psiphon 100 handler in your phone, so that it will detect all your existing settings because Syponshield has hiding more option and you can not configure it manually.

How to configured Syponshiel 101

Step 1
If you don’t have the previous Psiphon 100 handler click HERE to download and install it and configure the settings you want for the New Syponshield to use.

Step 2
Now click HERE to download and install the New Syponshield 101 to replace Psiphon100 and enjoy unlimited browsing without disconnecting


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