Latest MTN subscription codes for BB10 lite series

Good news to all bloggers specifically upcoming
bloggers that uses BBLITED subscription to
update their blog daily. I noticed that the BB10
Lite Subscription plan is very hard to activate
this days with with knowing MTN has changed
its subscription code.

I’m writing this to let you know that MTN has
updated the BB10 Lite plan subscription codes.
Now, You will have to dial any of the codes
below to subscribe to your favorite MTN BB10 Lite Plan:

  • For Daily plan, dial *216*3*1# Cost N70
  • For Weekly plan, dial *216*3*2# Cost N350
  • For Monthly plan, dial *216*3*3# Cost N1000
  • Note: You dont have to make any changes to your
    simple server settings. Just dail the code and
    start surfing the internet with your andriod
    device and PC. The Data plan is still working
    very fine on PC and Android devices, just that it
    has problem of frequent disconnect these days
    when using it on PC
    via Simpleserver.


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