How To Take Screenshots On my laptop/pc

Before we start, i will teach you how to take screenshot on your Windows computer. There are 2 types of screenshots i will teach you. Number one is taking screenshot of the entire computer screen, while number 2 is taking screenshot of a particular part or view of your windows computer screen.

Now, The number one tutorial is how to take screenshot of the entire Windows computer screen. Lets start:

Press prt sc keyboard or print screen(scr), usually found around the upper right hand corner of your keyboard (For most keyboards but not all). Try this shortcut instead Press Windows button + prt sc (For some keyboards)

Try this: Press fn + prt sc (For some keyboards)

Also try this: Press ctrl + prt sc (For some keyboards)

And after done all that, open paint application and press ctr + V to paste the printed screen screenshot and then press ctrl + S to save the screenshot. Hope it worked out?

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