How to Increase your Mobile Internet Speed With HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster)


Developers called BigBrother’sRover’s developed an Application called HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster)and this app works like magic and i usually enjoy it when streaming online or making video call online. So i decide to share it to those that want to stabilize their internet connection when they onlineBefore you download this app quickly read this short article written by BigBrother’sRover’s developers below then you can decide…..

This Application is developed by me, to play games, connect with other people via mobile internet (I mean voice or video calling), watch some youtubе videos, (3g stabilization) or using all this on laptops via tethering on phone.

First time when I try to play games I found that ping very high, and jump from 30 to 1000 and more.. Also skypе calls is were been so laggy.

So I decided built this small quite application, which force try support H+ connection, to decrease ping jumping, and increase quality of mobile internet.

Well, with standard value in settings my ping after that 95% of time is low! Also calling now w/o any lags, I just enjoy using this app.

Additionally: This application only for stabilizing an existing 3G H+(HSPAP) connection, And I found that some Samsung galaxy devices isn’t support. But you can test it own.
Few errors is normal for few minutes of work. If you a had a lot more errors try to change server to github(USA) in preferences. (Quan of errors shows in notification).
Bad if errors a lot more (more than 500) per few minutes of using, Here I reccomend you change server in preferences, or increase a little bit download interval

To download HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster) 

Click Here to download it directly from play store

After successful installation 

Lunch the app and click on H+ sign to enable it


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