How to browse with Mtn Event blaast using Simple Server

Hello good day fans.

Wow Mtn Ng is given out free Event Blaast Data Bundle To some of it lucky users.

Are you lucky to be one of the selected users?
To know if you are given the Free Mtn Ng Event Blaast ; dial *559*25#

If you are lucky then read carefully.

how to use my Mtn Ng Free Event Blaast to Browse with simple Android server

Cool now we are moving to the main matter (-_-)
You need simple server to browse with the new Mtn Event Blaast!
CLICK HERE to download latest Simple Server.

How to use it with simple server.
Create new apn on your phone with=>
Name: Mega Blaast or any name


Port: 8080

Then save and set as Default apn…

Open your simple server and set it like this ==>
Listen Port: 8080

Proxy host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Tick enable proxy…

Injection method: Get

Injection Query/Url: or

Injection host: or

Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

Tick enable injection….

Log Level: Debug.

Save and connect.

Stay updated here @ for more updates


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