Tips to bypass tweakware bandwidth limit


This article features the best tips for using
Tweakware for unlimited downloads without
stress. It is divided into 3 parts which include
how to fix proxy socket connection failed in
Tweakware, how to bypass the daily bandwidth
restriction of 100mb and get free browsing and
unlimited downloads especially on
Etisalat. Finally, we will show you how to get a
stable uninterrupted internet connection for this
tweak and stop it from disconnecting at
intervals. For best performance, you will need to
download the latest Tweakware version 0.7 from
firstly you need to know how to configure
tweakware to work click here to see how
How To Fix Proxy Socket
Connection Failed In Tweakware –
1. Download, install and Run your Tweakware
v0.7 app, locate the Option button at the top
right corner and tap on it to take you to settings.
2. Select “Settings” and first go down and tap on
“Reset Setting” then go back up and ta on
“Network Settings”.
3. Check the box beside “Connect Via https
Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows:
· Proxy Host:
· Proxy Port: 8080
· Enable Proxy Tweaks
· Click on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse
Then go to Custom Headers and delete the
default then add:
Take Note that there is one space between the
“ :” and “ mobile ” just like it was in the default “ : ”.
4. Finally, go back to Server Settings and Change
Port to 3128
How To Bypass And Extend Your
Daily Restricted Bandwidth And
Get Unlimited Browsing And
Downloads –
1. Confirm that your device is correctly rooted
2. Click Here to Download (86kb) and install
Android ID Changer
3. Run the Android ID changer and grant root
4. Backup your default ID either by Clicking on
the download button sign or manually copy your
real Android ID into somewhere else and save
(so as to restore later in order not to void
5. Tap on the back button and click on the “+”
sign above to generate a random ID for you.
6. Save New ID
Finally go back to your Tweakware and use any
of the free servers (preferably the German
Servers), you will be granted another free
bandwidth for the day
How To Get A Stable And Better
Internet Network Connection On
Tweakware –
1. Go to Network Settings and go down to
Connection Settings and check the box beside
“Enable Keepalive”.
For the “ Keepalive Interval ”, type in “ 5” and for
the “ Keepalive Timeout ”, choose “ 5”.
2. Choose the country server instead of default
server in the home page change it to
“ Netherland or Germany or Canada ” and Click on
3. After successful handshake and
authentication, press the back button and it will
connect automatically.
Applying these tips successfully will guarantee
you a stable and better connection via
Tweakware on Etisalat. So unless Etisalat
network is very poor in your area, you would not
be complaining of frequent disconnection issue


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