Review: Cygnett supercharger Ufo

This flying saucer charger comes in peace to
juice up all your gadgets

Having the right charger at hand, when you need
it — and a spare socket in which to plug it —
may sound like one of life’s easier challenges.
But when you own more than one gadget, or
have a family’s worth of gadgets charging at the
same time, it’s sometimes far more difficult to
juice up. That’s where multiple device chargers
come in handy, and we’ve been trying out the
Cygnett Supercharger UFO, the latest multi-
device charger to hit the market.

Charging 5 devices at once is a breeze

It’s called the UFO because its disc shaped
design looks like a space ship. It’s sold in both
black and white color schemes, with five USB
ports placed around the side. The Supercharger
takes up one power socket, but can charge up
five devices at the same time, making it far more
efficient than using five separate chargers in five
different sockets.

The Supercharger has a 5.0A output, and it
intelligently recognizes when you plug in a device
that supports fast charging, then supplies it with
the right amount of power. We’ve been using the
Cygnett Supercharger for a couple of weeks, and
it has proven very helpful, mainly due to its
willingness to quick charge compatible devices
whenever possible.
It takes up one power socket, but can charge up
five devices at the same time.
Charging the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with
the official fast charger typically takes 70
minutes from about 20-percent power. With the
Supercharger UFO, it took almost the same
amount of time, even with a OnePlus 2 and LG
Watch Urbane charging at the same time.
Plugging in five gadgets at once obviously slows
it down a bit, because the charger only has so
much power to give, but the difference is

The spaceship-like charger remained at a
constant temperature even while charging five
devices all at once, which is no easy feat. Even
standard wall adapters are wont to heat up
charging one device.

Simple, sleek design with a few flaws

However, once you’ve got everything plugged in,
the Supercharger quickly becomes the center of
a whole mess of cables, particularly if the wires
are long. It can create something of a tangled
nightmare, and if you have it sitting on the floor,
it’s not only unsightly, but also a bit of a trip

To show everything is working as it should,
there’s a blue LED light on the base, and it’s
incredibly bright. You won’t need a nightlight if
you use the Supercharger in a bedroom, but you
may want to hide it away unless being bathed in
a blue glow all night fulfills your sci-fi dreams.
However, it costs just $40 in the U.S. or £30 in
the UK through Cygnett’s own website, which
considering the price of official replacement
chargers that only offer only a single port, isn’t
very expensive. Fancier multi-device chargers
like the Alldock, which is up for funding on
Kickstarter, will cost you around $130, if you get
the early bird price. Even most simple ones cost
at least $50 on Amazon
and don’t support quick charging, so the
Supercharger is a good deal, comparatively.
Chargers aren’t especially exciting, and they
don’t need to have an incredibly flashy design.
Chargers just need to work, and if they make
juicing up our gadgets easier or faster, then
we’re happy. The Cygnett UFO Supercharger
does both, and at a reasonable price, so we’re
pleased to recommend it to anyone trying to
simplify charging multiple devices at once.

. Very convenient
. Fast charges compatible hardware
. Simple, unobtrusive design

. Messy when using five cables
. Very bright LED light


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