How To Update Your Nokia Phone Software


1. Backup your data ? this is crucial; before you start doing anything you need to backup your phone; there are two ways: memory card ? if you have a memory card then the process is simple; go to the Tools ? Memory select Options ? Backup phone memory; take out the memory card from the phone Nokia PC Suite ? if you don?t have a memory card you can use the Nokia PC Suite software to do the backup; the software comes on a CD with your phone but if you don?t have it you can download it from the Nokia website (you?ll need USB cable to connect your phone and pc)
2. Charge your battery ? this is very important; charge your battery to the full power before starting the update process; if you run out of battery in the middle of updating you can seriously harm your phone (it probably won?t even start up)
3. Download Nokia Software Updater ? install the updater; this piece of software will guide you through the whole update process; you might need to unblock it in your firewall
4. Launch the Nokia Sofware Updater ? from now on it?s really simple, just follow the guide and you?ll be fine; the whole updating process takes several minutes to complete, don?t try to cancel it in the middle in any case, your risk damaging your phone; in my case it took about 15 minutes to complete; USB cable needed again
5. Restore your data ? if you used a memory card for backup then you simply go to the Tools ? Memory select Options ? Restore from card; if you used Nokia PC Suite you have to
connect your phone to the pc via USB cable, select Backup and Restore Now you have your phone loaded with the newest software. If you experienced some problems with your phone performance before the update process should fix it. So go on and check it out. To make sure your phone is really updated type *#0000# when in idle screen and check the software version.



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