How To Rename Multiple Files At Once Using Your PC


This software is what I have been using to
rename many file, then upload it here!
The app is very simple to use and its the
best among multi-file-renamer i have ever
The software is "lupas rename", though i
uploaded it months ago, the downloads is
still counts zero because you guys don't
know the uses!
I often call it "small but mighty" because of
the size of the file. A very powerful
software, imaging 742.10 KB software that
does amazing things!
How To Rename Multiple Files In A Click
On Your PC?
Firstly, download lupas rename setup EN.exe
from our download page!
Then install it on your laptop or Pc!
**Locate the icon on your desktop/program
list and open "Lupas Rename 2000"!
***Select your desire path e.g; C:UsersMy-
OwnDesktop and mark all your files and
rename it!
Thats all!
There are many task you can perform with
this "Lupas Rename 2000". Just sit down
and study it well! It is not just about
renaming file names!
I know this software will be very useful to
my fellow webmasters.


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