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Best 9 Apps for Rooting any Android Phone

Hello guys, haven't rooted your android
phone yet? Check out the best 9 Apps for
the job.
Top 9 Apps to Root your android phone
After your phone is ready to be rooted, you
should go with two
options which are to root via installing an
app on the phone or by
using a computer.
1. Vroot Root Software
Reported to be the best software for rooting
any android phone,
this master root software covers a wide
range of models and
also root older versions of mobile operating
2. Kingoapp Software Root
Kingoapp root software is very effective.
Similar to Vroot, this
popular free computer software to root and
unroot any android
phone is also rated very high.
3. SRSRoot Software
SRSRoot software solution was of my
favorite for rooting android
devices before Vroot came to the scene.
Although I haven’t used
it for a while now, I can still recommend it
for persons that didn’t
have success with the previous two.
4. Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without a
If you are looking for the best app for
rooting and unrooting
android devices without a computer, go with
FramaRoot Rooting
App. This application can work for the new
versions of Android
5. Unlock Root Software For Android
When Vroot and KingoApp root softwares
fails to root your
android device, use UnlockRoot. I can no
longer vouch for this
app as it is no longer available for free.
6. Root Master (apk) App
Root Master is also a fast app to root most
android phones. This
rooting app should only come to your mind
when Framaroot fails.
7. z4root (apk) App To Root Android
z4root is unarguably one of the best apps
for rooting android
where you can't get a computer.
Interestingly, this rooting
software for android can work on older
versions and wide ranges
of android devices.
8. Universal Androot (apk) App
Universal Androot is a powerful android root
apps that can
effectively root many android phones
without the need of a
9. Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App
Easy rooting toolkit; this is a rooting
software that can root
different models of android phones without a
For computer and android apps and software
that can root and
unroot any android, Vroot should serve as
the first point of call if
your are looking for computer programs to
root android..

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