All about Glo Free Tomorrow Promo and codes


Globacom – Nigeria’s First Indigenous
Telecommunication company popularly known as
Glo recently launched what we call an
unprecedented promotion “The Free Tomorrow
Glo Free Tomorrow is a new promo which gives
unlimited free airtime to prepaid customers daily
to browse, make calls or send SMS to any
network. Whatever you use TODAY, you get it
FREE TOMORROW to browse, make calls and
send SMS to ALL networks.
Free Tomorrow checks how much airtime a
subscriber spends in a day for calls, SMS and
internet browsing, and then credits the subscriber
the next day with the same value of the previous
day’s usage for free.
For instance, if a Globacom subscriber uses
N500 credit in a day on calls, SMS and data,
Globacom will give him back N500 credit the
very next day. This means that the subscriber
gets back for free the next day all the data and
airtime he or she used the previous day and the
free credit can be used to browse the internet,
make calls or to send texts to any network. It is
like going to a first class restaurant to have a
sumptuous meal and being served the full value
and quantity of food the next day, free of charge
The uniqueness of Free Tomorrow is that the
free credit can be used anyhow the subscriber
wishes for calls to any network or for data. The
subscriber can also use the bonus credit to
browse, send SMSs, and call friends, family and
business associates in Nigeria and any five of
the most frequently called countries by Nigerians
including Unites States of America, China, India,
Canada and land lines in the United Kingdom.
The Glo Free Tomorrow account is charged first
and Main account will be charged when the
bonus account has been fully depleted that day.
There is also a need to exhaust the credit in
your Free Tomorrow bonus account and use
more from your Main account in order to get
bonus the next day. It comes with no hidden
conditions, no daily rent.
Free tomorrow promo account is credited at
00:01 the day after usage from your Main
account. You can confirm your Free tomorrow
balance by dialing #122*8#. Bonus expires at
23:59 daily.
The Glo Free Tomorrow plan is available for all
new and existing prepaid customers. Opting for
Glo Free Tomorrow is without charge, this simply
means its absolutely free. Calls usage and bonus
are charged at the same rate which is 22k/s.
Existing customers can opt for the promo by
dialing *300#.
One can also opt out of Glo Free Tomorrow plan
By dialing *301#. By dialing this, you cease to
enjoy the daily free airtime and you are migrated
to the default plan on the Glo network, Glo
Infinito, where you call 10 frequently called
numbers at 11k/s and call all networks at 20k/s.
Postpaid customers are not eligible to parcitipate
in the promotion.


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