Wow Glo 1gb for 100 Naira Data Plan : get yours


I just want to introduce you guys to this
Glo bundle as cheap as anything cheap.
Code: How to activate 1 GB for N100
To enjoythe offer, simply follow the
following instructions.
Step 1: if you wish to enjoy this bonus data
from Glo, you must
have N100 or more on your Glo line.
Step 2: Now, you will have to SMS the
keyword “1” to 8070 or
if you have received a message from Glo
that you are qualify
for the offer, kindly go back to the message
you received earlier
and reply with 1.
Step 3: You will have to wait for some time
and soon or later,
you will get a reply message like this “Dear
Customer, your 1
GB data bundle has been successfully
Note: Glo is giving some people less than
one gigabyte.
Step 4: To confirm your data and view your
validity date, you
can dial #122*22# anytime on your Glo
Nigeria line.
Step 5: For those of you trying it and
currently it is not
working for you. You can switch your tariff
plan to PAYU or
Glo Bounce and retry. Send PAYU to 127 to
change tariff plan
to Glo PAYU.
PLEASE NOTE: This Special offer is only
valid for 15 days but
you can renew your subscription at any time
of your choice.
You too can confirm this service. If after
dialing the code, your
money is not removed, that means you are
not eligible for the
Glo Nigeria is currently a leader in providing
data services in
Nigeria. They are the only indigenous
company of all the GSM
Service providers in Nigeria. Glo is currently
providing the
highest value of data at any cost in Nigeria
and at Four point
five Gigabyte for just two thousand five
hundred Naira; they
are the network to beat. They have started
to offer subscribers
1 GB for one thousand Naira on the Always
Micro plan. you
can subscribe to it by using *127*53#.
The major complaint is that their network is
slower than almost
all the other GSM Networks in Nigeria. It is
almost impossible
to stream video or listen to online audio files
with the


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