Latest WhatsApp 2.12.325 available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry


One of the most popular messaging
applications for mobile devices is
WhatsApp. This application is available
for many mobile operating systems such
as: iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian,
Nokia S40, BlackBerry and Android.
Most of the WhatsApp users own an
Android device and this is the reason
why the WhatsApp application for
Android is being updated very
frequently. The developers are releasing
a 4-5 new WhatsApp versions for
Android every week. Today, the
developers have released the WhatsApp
version 2.12.322 for Android, which
comes with many improvements and
bugs fixes.
Unfortunately, the Google Drive feature
is still not enabled, but we’re sure that
the developers are going to finally
enable it soon. In addition, if rumors
prove to be right, we’re about to see the
Video Calling feature being added to the
WhatsApp application for Android.



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