How To Get Free Credit From Etisalat Daily


Etisalat users this post belong to you and is not new to many users,but for those that don’t know it today am going to teach them how to make free call with your etisalat sim every, Note that this free call works only on easy cliq users only dial *244*1# to migrate to easy cliq now.
1. You must have one mtn sim and one etisalat sim, Note; Make sure your etisalat is not 090
2. You must have two mobile phones
3. Insert the etisalat sim in one of the phone and mtn sim in the second phone
4. Make sure you have 100naira in your MTN sim to make Night call or you can use MTN Biz plan for 0.0kobo Night call
By 12:30am in the night use you’re the phone with mtn sim to call the etisalat line in the second phone but when dialing the etisalat number add 7777 or 1111 or 1234 after the last digit of the etisalat number you want to call example 0809xxxxxxx7777 or 0818xxxxxxx7777 then press call trust me your credit will nt be deducted, now answer the call on your etisalat line just leave it and continue sleeping.
You will receive bonus of 60second for every 5min from etisalat
Note that the call will end after every 1hr 30min and you will got 1080second that’s 18minute now repeat it again for another 1hr30min continuously.
The bonus expired after 4days
You can only call easy cliq users with the bonus
How to know if the number you want to call is on easy cliq dial *273*number# send you will know if the number is on cliq.
Dial *232# to check your bonus



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