How to Change Your Default Android Emoji/smiley/icons to iOS Emoji


Back in 2013 when Android Kitkat came with a new keyboard with color Emoji, it was a relieve as getting Emoji to display on Android devices was not really easy. You either have to install an application to do that or get it done through a hack on rooted devices.
Color Emoji look cool but almost everyone knows the the default Emoji keyboard on iOS look way better as you can see below.
The one on the right shows default Android Kitkat Emoji while the one you see on the left comes with iOS by default.
If you want this type of Emoji on your Android device, there’s an easy way to do it and you don’t need a third party keyboard to do it. You only need root access and a TTF font you need to put somewhere in your system folder. With ES File Explorer, it’s pretty easy as it’s all explained below.

1. Download and install ===>

2. Downloaded zip file ===>
. It contains the TTF font you’ll be needing (NotoColorEmoji.ttf).
3. Open ES File Explorer and go to the download location where you have Extract the content,
4. Go to Device > system > fonts and rename NotoColorEmoji.ttf to
NotoColorEmoji_OLD.ttf. This will allow you to easily revert to the default color Emoji font if anything goes wrong.
5. Now copy the downloaded
NotoColorEmoji.ttf you extracted earlier to
Device > system > fonts.
6. To make this work, you need to change the properties and edit the permissions as shown below:
Reboot your phone, check your keyboard and you have have the Emoji displayed as it is on iOS.


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