25 best Mozilla Firefox add on


Mozilla Firefox is one of my best internet browser because of its great features which have recently discussed, so I believe you will like these Mozilla Firefox Addon am about to share right here today.
Yeah ! I don’t talk much as you all know, I always go straight to the point and get things done without wasting much of your time even as of creating this article i have a simple fracture on my right hand but am trying with my left hand, so don’t expect much in the addon description but i will provide the basic and simple description as usual !
These are the Top 25 best Mozilla Firefox Addon that will add great and awesome features to your Mozilla firefox Browser ;
1. Dawatech Blog 2.2 ; Alexa Toolbox bar with great features, am not trying to be bias, you can check it out !
2. Multifox ; Allows you to simultaneously logged to multiple accounts . Have explained the full detaills here ; SIGN IN WITH DIFFERENT ACCOUNT ON YOUR FIREFOX BROWSER
3. All-In One Sidebar ; For Accessing bookmarks, downloads, history; add-ons and more from a sidebar.
4. Desktop ; To Create a custom speed-dial page for easy access to your favorite sites
5. Flash Block ; Block all flash files until you want to see them.
6. 365Scores Notifier ; helps in Keeping track of your favourite sports teams and be notified of results.
7. Print Edit ; Allows you to edit web content before printing.
8. Tabs Menu ; Access all your open tabs using a menu list.
9. DownThemAll ; Download all links or images on any website and accelerate downloads.
10. Amazon Add To WishList ; With this you can add any product you find online to your Amazon wishlist.
11. Facebook Auto-Logout ; just incase you are using a shared computer.
12. Firestatus ; For Updating your Twitter or Facebook status by clicking a button on your toolbar.
13. Saved Password Editor ; Allows you to edit your saved passwords in Firefox.
14. Boo.ly ; Used for Searching an item and the breakdown of prices in the results.
15. Thumbnail Zoom ; See full size images by hovering over thumbnails on Facebook, Amazon and more.
16. Web Developer; It adds various web developer tools to the browser.
17. Session Manager ; Save your current session including open tabs. And Open the sessions later.
18. FlagFox ; See flags representing the country any website is hosted in.
19. SEO Blogger ; For Bloggers to discover sought-after search terms for your post as you’re writing.
20. gTranslate ; To translate text with Google by highlighting and right-clicking it.
21. Similar Sites ; Shows you the 10 most similar sites to the one you’re viewing.
22. SurfOn ; Easily move any set of tabs from one computer or browser to the next.
23. Collusion ; Lets you visualise which sites have been tracking you with cookies.
24. Firebug ; Inspect the web. Find out what code makes up bits and pieces of any webpage.
25. The Last of the Best Mozilla Firefox Addon List is this important addon FEBE backup ; That Backup all of your Firefox extensions so you can quickly install them again.
Mind you, am not asking you to use all of the firefox addon, but you will definately find the right one that suit your need.
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Top 50 best Mozilla Firefox Addon that will add great and awesome features to your Mozilla firefox Browser


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